Camp Deposit Forgiveness

Camp Thoreau deducts deposits that families paid to other camps from their Camp Thoreau bill

WHO: Anyone who paid a deposit to another camp who decides they want Camp Thoreau in 2020

WHY: Families are flocking to Camp Thoreau where it remains family owned and run, since 1951

  • Thoreau added 6 new specialty camps to meet the needs of campers.
  • Thoreau added more bus stops to make it easier to get to camp.
  • Thoreau continues to embrace the traditional experience while they weave that into their new camps.
  • Camp Families get big discounts to the Thoreau Club Summer Membership

HOW: Contact our office and we will make it happen!

DEADLINE: This offer is good through March 31st

OPEN HOUSE: Attend the Camp Thoreau Open House on Sunday March 29th to finalize your decision

WHY: This is a one time promotion and is being done in response to the interest and demand for Camp Thoreau.

DETAILS: If you have made a deposit to another day camp, we will deduct your total deposit for each camper, up to $75 per week (maximum $500 - proof of deposit required)

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Offer expires March 31st - New campers and New registration only