Deneen Laprade

Director of Sales & Marketing


Iíve worked in the fitness industry since 2000 and absolutely love every experience, opportunity and challenge that comes my way. My personal love for fitness developed into a passion for the ďbusinessĒ side of the industry where Iíve worked as a multi-purpose club operator, direct marketing sales rep and independent consultant. Prioritizing the member experience has been and continues to be the driving force behind all that I do. Iím proud to help those professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping others experience quality of life through fitness, wellness and social connections.

Iím putting all of my consulting advice into action in my current role as Director of Sales and Marketing here at The Thoreau Club! Itís my opinion that Sales and Marketing are two sides of a single equation and that they drive each otherís individual successes. Planned, tracked and analyzed marketing leads to sales that expose the best (and worst) of these efforts. A constant exchange of data between the two are how we direct and predict future efforts that maximize results.

I enjoy being a part this professional team who are all dedicated to optimizing the member experience. Hereís to continued success and a bright future for The Thoreau Club.