Commit to Get Fit


Our Healthycare 90-Day Commit To Get Fit Program is not a diet or workout plan. It is a complete wellness approach designed to give you the education and experience to establish a customized fitness, nutrition, and stress management plan to break through your individual health goals and simply feel better!

We’ll guide you every step along the way to transform your life forever.

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Typical improvements from our 90-Day Commit To Get Fit Program include:

  • Average weight loss – 15lbs
  • Waist size decrease – 3.1”
  • Cholesterol decrease – 17 points
  • Blood pressure decrease – 11 points
  • Body Mass Index decrease – 7.7%
  • 95% program completion rate   

What Makes Our Program Different?

Pre/post Health Risk Assessment
Dedicated support system to keep participants motivated and inspired
1-on-1 personal training sessions
Weekly nutrition/wellness lectures
Weekly group exercise classes
Weekly menus, recipes, and tips
Online portal to track progress
3-Months full access to The Thoreau Club

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