Fall Fitness Clinics

Try something new this fall. The Thoreau Club is offering Fitness Intro Clinics
September 12th - October 13th.


-Foundations of TRX
-Intro to the ViPR 
-Core without the Crunch
-Power Lifting
-Golf Power & Mobility
-Posture 101 
 -Mobility 101 
 -Foundations of Boxing 
Foundations of Running 



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TRX does it all - strength, cardio and flexibility training. This is a class based on functional fitness. We will cover the seven foundational movements that comprise TRX training.

This class is designed for golfers of all levels and ages who want to improve their skills. We will start with soft tissue mobilization and dynamic mobility to get the body primed to move quickly and use a more extensive range of motion. Once warmed up, we will focus on power and balance using resistance bands, free weights, and kettlebells. The goal for this class is to add some distance and consistency to your swing and to keep you healthy on the course all year long.

In this clinic, we will be going over the basics of this versatile piece of
equipment. We will start with a dynamic warmup to get your heart rate, range of motion, and blood flow up. Following the warm up we will jump into a strength circuit that will challenge your core, stability, and total body strength. Finally, we will have a cardiovascular finisher that will make you feel great walking out the door.

This boxing class will focus on developing you from the ground up as a boxer. No experience is required; you will be taught the basic principles of footwork, positioning, offense and defense, and how to apply these principles practically. Have a fun and engaging workout while learning critical self-defense skills.


If you suffer from chronic aches and pains, or want to increase your mobility, strengthen your body, or improve your overall health, this class is for you. This class will focus on stretching, lengthening commonly tight areas, and strengthening inactive muscles. We will also learn how to integrate these movements into your daily life. You will leave this class feeling better and more aligned.

Intro to powerlifting is a class that will help you learn the fundamentals of powerlifting, focusing on safety and technique. We will learn the proper form and progression of the three main barbell movements (Squat, Bench, Deadlift). In this class, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the proper form and progression of these movements.

There's more to the core than the mythical six-pack! Core Without The Crunch is a basic yet comprehensive core strengthening clinic that encompasses your front, back, and sides. A stronger core means a better function in all your daily activities, from walking the dog to cleaning the house.

You may have seen the ViPRs on the fitness floor and wondered what on earth they were for. They are weighted tubes with various handles used as a multiplane, full-body resistance tool that can help improve balance, core strength, and overall stability and power. ViPR stands for Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning. This introduction clinic will cover basic lower, upper, and total body integrated exercises to highlight the versatility, utility, and FUN of the ViPR!


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