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"Back to Fitness"

With every New Year, there is motivation to take action towards your fitness goals, but maintaining motivation is always the most difficult. Motivation is an important part of staying with a fitness routine because it keeps you interested in the task at hand. Finding motivation to do a workout or go for a walk can be a helpful tool to stay on track with your goals. Honing in on your motivation can also keep you accountable when days are tough and you just want to skip that hour-long workout.

A powerful, but simple way to maintain fitness motivation is to write what motivates you to move, to be healthier, or to achieve new levels of fitness. You can write this on a sticky note on your phone -- whatever means of reminder setting you have will work. Whenever you are feeling too tired to work out or to drive all the way to the gym, find that reminder and let it fuel you to achieve your fitness goal. 

If you are new to finding motivating words for yourself consider the following formula:

  1. Ask yourself what you wish to achieve as your fitness goal. You can write this out as "I chose to do….." This will give you direction to your workouts. 

  2. Write at least three positive outcomes for achieving your goals.  You can write this as " order to achieve x, y, and z  …" This will help remind you why you are even trying to reach your fitness goal.

  3. End by telling yourself something kind or positive. This statement can be a bit more open ended and less concrete. However, it should be something that makes you feel good, and keeps you motivated to continue training. In other words, a mantra of sorts.

Here's an example of how this might look: 

I choose to workout twice a week in order to to feel better about my body, to feel confident, and to lose weight. You're doing great!

I choose to run every other day in order to race in a 5k, to maintain my fitness, and to release stress. You are strong!

Getting to know what motivates you doesn't have to be complicated and is a great way to learn more about yourself as the New Year emerges.