NEW! Rowing Class

Learn what the CATCHDRIVERELEASE and RECOVERY are and how to execute them.  Train every major muscle group in your body. Improve your stamina, strength, speed, power, and core. Burn more calories than you ever could imagine.

The rowing motion is 60% legs, 30% hips and 10% arms. If you are like most people you are rowing in reverse using mostly your arms. It does not matter what condition you are in programs are designed specifically for each participant. Let us show you how to get more out of your workout and introduce you to the real world of rowing.


Class #1
Tuesdays starting January 15
6:00 - 7:00am

Class #2
Dates: Mondays starting January 14
10:00 - 11:00am

Instructor: Jonathan Raichek -  Jon has been rowing for over twenty years. He is certified by US Rowing as a Level II Coach. Jon is a founding member of Westford Community Rowing and teaches indoor rowing to middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults. Jon competes regularly at local and regional regattas including Head of the Charles, Independence Day Regatta in Philadelphia and Masters Nationals.                     

Cost: $ 150.00  Class limited to four participants. Please contact to register.