Zac Loughlin


photo of Zac Loughlin


I have spent over 5 years in the training industry, working with clients of all ages and populations. From my two years interning at a high-end strength and conditioning facility, to starting a senior fitness program at my previous health club; I have worked with all levels of fitness skill and experience. In 2015 I earned my BS in Exercise Science from Plymouth State University.

Outside of my education, I spent most of my winters skiing multiple times a week. Now, I am currently working with the Maynard High School Football team as a strength and conditioning coach as well as an assistant coach. I enjoy being outside as much as possible. I am a music, movie, and sports buff.

As a Certified Functional Strength Coach, I focus on increasing strength, with the low-risk/high-reward approach. My initial goal for all clients is to become more confident in heavier resistance training, with a long term goal of becoming more confident and competent in activities for daily living. Some of my favorite lifts include (but not limited to); Kettlebell Swings, Barbell Hang Cleans; Trapbar Deadlifts. I hope to provide all of my clients with a safe, fun, and strong experience during our training sessions!