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I enjoy the challenges of working with all fitness levels. It allows me to connect differently with each of my client, while providing accountability and motivation. After graduating from Plymouth State University with a BS in Exercise Science, I started my personal training career at Athletic Evolution, which is a premier Nike SPARQ training center outside of Boston. Itís here that I began coaching high performance athletes and teaching them methods to help improve athleticism, specifically in Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness (SPARQ).

After leaving Athletic Evolution, I had the opportunity to develop a senior fitness program to help some of my older clients stay independent and prevent injury by teaching exact form and techniques necessary for a safe and effective workout.

As a Certified Functional Strength Coach at The Thoreau Club, I focus on increasing strength, with the low-risk/high-reward approach. My initial goal for all clients is to become more confident in heavier resistance training, with a long term goal of becoming more confident and competent in activities for daily living.

The Thoreau Club has been an ideal facility for me, giving me the chance to work with players of the Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy, provide one-on-one training for some of our longtime members, and Iíve even started to instruct Aquafit classes and bootcamp circuit training classes.

When Iím not at the club, I can be found working with the Maynard High School football team as their strength and conditioning coach. My other interests include music, movies and sports.

If you are looking to go beyond your typical exercise routine or simply get started on your journey for a healthier lifestyle Ė let me help.

I am happy to answer any questions!