Alyce Iannarelli

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When I am not at Thoreau, I am taking care of my two children who are 9 and 2. In my spare time I love to read! I enjoy all types of books but my favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.

If I could do anything, knowing that failure was not possible, I would write a novel. When I was a kid I wrote several short stories one of which was featured in my high school newspaper.

Iíve been known to have a few quirks, for example I am obsessed with cherry Chap stick and will always have at least one on me at all time.

My favorite place in the world to visit is Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I have been vacationing there with my extended family every summer since I was eight years old and now I bring my own children. My husband and I enjoy traveling and try to go on cruises as often as we can. We even got married on a cruise in St. Thomas!

My favorite part of working at Thoreau, are all the great people I have met.