Virtual Personal Training

Whether you're not quite ready to return to the club or you're traveling, stay focused and healthy with our Virtual Training sessions. Our knowledgeable and creative trainers will ensure you do not skip a beat when you can't be at the club.

How Does Virtual Training Work?
• Just like training in person at the club, every virtual training session will be unique and customized based on your goals and needs.
• If you are a new client your first session will involve an orientation where your trainer will learn about your goals, review your health history, and help you set up a workout area and discuss any equipment you'll need. Many great workouts are possible with little to no equipment, but a set or two of dumbbells are ideal. Your trainer can recommend the correct weight
• Your trainer will set up a Zoom call for your session safely from our NEW One-on-One – private training studio and will lead you through the workout, monitor your form and keep you motivated and moving, safely and effectively.

To begin Virtual Training, all you need is:

• A phone, tablet, or computer
• Suitable space where your trainer can see you from head-to-toe

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Virtual personal training, especially for those used to training in person inside the club, is an effective way to reach and maintain your fitness goals during this "new normal".