Club Championships

The Club Championship is an opportunity for fun and friendly competition, the chance to meet other players, and earn a place on our new Club Championship "Wall of Fame"!

$30 entry fee gives you up to 3 events, with an entry fee of $10 for each additional event that you would like to enter. Members must cover and additional $10 fee for non members in the mixed member guest event. The entry fee is not included for our flex time members.

Registration opens today, and will close at midnight on Friday, March 29th. Draws will be posted on Sunday, March 31st, and matches will start the following Monday, April 1st and should be wrapped up by the end of May.

We have divisions for all levels--singles, doubles, mixed play, spouses division and our new mixed member guest event and new parent/child event. Click here to see the events and to enter.

In past years, players have been responsible for scheduling their own matches. While this will still be the case, we will be offering designated time slots with courts reserved ahead of time for Club Championship matches. Players can either book courts in these designated time slots, or find another open court time to play the match. Players will have TWO WEEKS to complete each round from when the draws are released or from completion of the previous round. If a player or team is unable to complete their match in the 2 week window, they will have to default. This is meant to ensure on time completion of all events in the tournament.

MONDAY EARLY BIRDS - 4 courts Monday from 8am to 11am. This creates space for up to 8 potential matches
THURSDAY MATINEE - 3 courts from 12pm to 3pm (6 potential matches)
FRIDAY NIGHT OWLS - 2 courts from 6pm to 9pm (4 potential matches)
WEEKEND WARRIORS - 4 courts on Sunday afternoon/evening from 4pm to 7pm (8 potential matches)

If these time slots do not work for the competitors, you will be responsible for scheduling the matches on your own time. Players are responsible for covering any court fees, including in the designated Club Championship court times. Each round must be completed within two weeks of draws posting or the previous round completion.

All players will receive a participation gift, and we will be organizing an event for all participants during the tournament. Winners and runners up will both receive a trophy. We hope to see many of you out there for some friendly competition!


Q: What is Club Champs?
A: Club Champs is Thoreau Club's annual member tournament that includes events for all levels of adult players.

Q: What are the dates?
A: Registration opens today and closes at midnight on Friday March 29th. As soon as the draws are posted on Sunday March 31st, you can begin to play your first-round matches. Matches should be completed by the end of May.

Q: How much time is involved in participating?
A: Most events have 2-4 matches that are played during April and May. Matches are 90-minutes until the final, in which case they will be 2 hours.

Q: What are the costs?
A: An entry fee of $30 includes participation in up to 3 events, with a additional $10 fee for every extra event that players sign up for. Members must cover an additional $10 fee for non members for the member guest event. Open court fees apply for the Club Champs matches. Court fees for Club Champs matches are NOT included for Flextime players.

Q: How are the matches are scheduled?
A: Matches are scheduled at a mutually convenient times, either within the reserved court times or at your own convenience. We can provide assistance in scheduling matches for you.

Q: What is the scoring format?
A: You will play a 12 game pro set with no ad scoring up to the final, and the final will best a best of 3 set format with the third set played as a 10 point super tiebreak. Rules will be sent to all participants.

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