Katie Wiking

Director of Fitness Performance

photo of Katie Wiking

I am originally from Long Island, New York, where I spent many years growing up running. As a runner you learn how important it is to care for and listen to your body. I learned that strengthening, recovering and proper nutrition could help me to preform at a higher level. Following High School I took my running career and passion for fitness to Hofstra University where I completed my undergraduate degree is in Athletic Training and Exercise Science. I continued my education at James Madison University where I studied Sports and Recreational Administration, while serving as the Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for track, cross country and women’s tennis. Prior to working at the Thoreau Club I worked in a physical therapy setting helping patients return to sport following injury. My method was to use an approach teaching proper biomechanics and injury prevention techniques to bring athletes back to the same level of play if not better. That multilevel approach is something I have brought with me to Thoreau, to keep athletes healthy and preforming to the best of their ability.