Thoreau Challenge

Welcome to The Thoreau Tennis Challenge!

Calling all players, Adults/Juniors/Male/Female. The Thoreau Club and the Tim Mayotte Tennis Academy will be hosting this amazing series of events in order to help grow your tennis game through more match play opportunities here at The Thoreau Club.

On a weekly basis between 2/10 and 4/17 we will have organized SINGLES match play on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 8:00 - 9:30pm. Players will earn participation points as well as bonus points for all match wins.

We will have pizza for all participants from Sweet Tomatoes locally in Acton.

Play is OPEN for members and non-members. The cost per match is $25.


  1. Level based match play (to the best of our ability and based on current UTR)
  2. Chance to meet new players
  3. Host pro will be on site and will facilitate matches
  4. Prizes for season end championship.
  5. Balls provided 

 Players will receive 5 points toward their standings for every match they play. An extra 10 points can be earned for every match win.

A season ending event will be hosted during the week of April 10-17.


  1. U.T.R. System will be used to ensure quality matches for all players
  2. 2 out 3 sets, timed match
  3. Play till time expires
  4. Modified No - Add scoring will be used , The 1st deuce will be played out , on 2nd deuce receiver will have chose of side to return from.
  5. Sets and total games count. If player losses 1st set and is ahead by 2 games or more a 9 point tie - breaker will be played. If tie breaker is won by the player who won 1st set match is over. If player who lost 1st set but wins 2nd set tie- breaker a 2nd 9 point tie - breaker will be played to determine winner of the match.
  6. Top 8 players will be invited to play in season ending Masters event with prizes awarded to champion and finalist.
  7. Minimum number of participants each day is 12

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