Eating sensibly and keeping active are the keys to successful weight loss. However putting those practices to work can be more difficult than it appears, particularly if youíre going it alone. Thatís why weíve created this program to help bridge the gap between your success in our 90-Day program and your desire to maintain those results and/or to continue toward further health goals. However, participation in our previous programs is not a requirement for enrollment, we welcome all beginners!

Join us for this 6-week weight management and mindful eating program*. From meal planning, to mindful eating weíll help you set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle; where you wonít just focus on the end result, but enjoy the process of getting there!

*This program also includes bi-monthly individual nutrition counseling sessions with our Registered Dietitian, Janyce Gately

Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00pm starting September 19th

Limited space.


Contact Glenn for more information or to reserve your spot.