Bronwen Faubert

Membership Representative

photo of  Bronwen Faubert

Email: [email protected]

I have been teaching in some form or capacity since I was 19 years old. I began teaching high impact aerobics classes in the 90’s (and unfortunately wore the workout attire popular at that time). After completing my Master Degree in Education, I began teaching little people during the day as an Elementary School teacher. I loved kids so much I decided to go ahead and have 5 of them! I began my journey at Thoreau when I was a junior in high school working as a counselor at the camp. I became a member in 2000 and began working here in Group Ex in 2012. I am a certified Personal trainer as well as TRX, Spin, Power, Blast & Groove instructor. I am currently the Group Fitness manager as well as an instructor and a membership sales associate. My passion is to help others with their fitness journeys. I try to exude energy in my classes that inspire people to move, sweat and feel good about themselves. Everyone has their own path they are trying to follow, and if you haven’t tried a class it is time! I am happy to help anyone find their path or to try a new one- it is easy to get lost sometime. In my “free time” I love to walk my golden retriever, read (surprising as that may be to some), and of course spend time with my family and friends!