Personal Training

Our expert personal trainers are the perfect  solution for hands on coaching and guidance. They'll work closely with you to design a program that's safe, effective, and appropriate for your fitness goals and schedule.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, tone muscles, increase flexibility, recover from an injury, train for a marathon or triathlon or simply get excited about exercise we can help!

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Personal Training at Thoreau

Our Personal Trainers will help you reach your goals in our state-of-the-art fitness center!

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Fitness Strategy Session

At The Thoreau Club, we believe that getting off to the right start is so fundamental, we offer your Fitness Strategy Session free as part of your membership.

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Complimentary TPI Assessment (Golf)

The Titleist Performance Institute has developed a streamlined method to determine how your physical strengths and weaknesses affect your golf swing.

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Save Your Shoulders - Fitness Injury Prevention Assessment

When the muscles in the shoulder move in a way that isn't natural due to compensation for a related problem, there is an increased risk for a shoulder injury.

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Trainer Tips

Our Trainers want to help you reach your goals! Check out some of their tips.

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