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Swim Membership


  • Complimentary Swimmer Profile
    • 30-minute Swimmer Assessment by a Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor scheduled at your convenience
  • Indoors: Mid-September through Mid-May 
    • Swimming pool (Competition size, 8 lane)
    • Shallow well for swim instruction and children
    • Hot tub (Adults only)
    • Fully trained lifeguard staff
  • Outdoors: Mid-May to mid-September 
    • 2 swimming pools (outdoor competition size)
    • 2 outdoor adult-only hot tubs
    • Splash park for children
    • Diving well
    • Shallow well for swim instruction and children
    • Poolside Cafe with healthy options for the whole family
    • 2 gas barbecues open for Member use
    • Shaded Picnic Area and fenced in property
  • Access to 75+ Group Fitness Classes per week 
    •  Muscle, Strength, Endurance, Mind and Body

Interested in Membership