The Thoreau Club Tennis Academy

The Thoreau Club Tennis Academy offers individualized coaching and high-performance training for junior players to develop the skills needed to compete at the highest levels. The Academy is exceptional for its coaching staff and approach, its facilities and the opportunity for players to train and compete with other high-level players. Every player receives a personalized program based on their individual skills and needs.

Summer Academy Intensive

Make the most out of your player's training by registering for a full week of intensive
training. This week-long program includes advanced instruction in various elements of
the sport such as technical drills, tactical drills, games, points, and match play.

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Thoreau Club Tennis Academy Spring 2023

Clinics Run: March 20, 2023 - June 18, 2023

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Individualized Programs

The Academy's premier on-court and off-court training program is individualized for each player.

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Academy Staff

Meet The Academy Staff! Our Tennis Pros are highly qualified and will bring your game to a new level!

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Request a Try Out

All academy players are required to meet with the coaches for an individual evaluation prior to enrollment.

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Contact The Academy

To find out more information or to contact our Academy coaches, please email us!

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