Tommy Wu

Tennis Pro

photo of Tommy Wu


Iím originally from Litchfield, Connecticut. Iíve been living in Cambridge, MA for 6 years. After graduating from St. Michaelís College, participating in both the Swimming and Tennis team, I began my tennis career at the Weston Racquet Club in 2008. I am a USPTA certified professional with experience teaching and training players of all ages from 4 to 75 years old. I love to train technique and strategy for all levels of the game. I also enjoy improving my own tennis game.

Some years ago I injured my hitting (right) arm in a car accident. After playing on my injured arm for a while and never getting back to ďnormalĒ, I decided to make a change. I decided that if I was going to enjoy my own tennis game pain-free, that I should try to teach myself to play left-handed. Iíve been grinding away the past few years learning a new left-handed game.

Learning to play with my non-dominant hand has given me a great understanding of stroke technique and player development. Itís given me a unique perspective on learning the game from the ground up.

If Iím not playing tennis then Iím probably trying sneak in 9-holes of golf somewhere.