Fitness Strategy Session

All journeys begin with a single step.

At The Thoreau Club, we believe that getting off to the right start is so fundamental, we offer your Fitness Strategy Session free as part of your membership. We are honored to be a part of one of the most important parts of your fitness journey: program development. 

Your training goals and needs may be unique, so taking a custom approach to programming/training decisions needs to be unique.

Request Your Fitness Strategy Session

You will meet with a Thoreau Fitness staff member and complete the following: 
1. Needs and Goals Review - Understand your goals and current fitness needs are important. We complete a questionnaire to help understand what you want out of your program. 
2. InBody - You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We use a world class system to show you where you are at so we can measure future progress. One of the best parts, it only takes about 45 seconds to complete to receive advanced outputs. This includes: Water retention, visceral & segmental fat analysis, basal metabolic rate, and more. 
3. Movement Screen - All exercise involves movement and we all don’t always move the same. We take the most responsible approach in programming by reviewing your movement in a simple and non-invasive manner. 
4. Experience Programming Framework - This is a hands on workout to educate you on how an optimal training session should be completed. 
5. Review - After these first 4 steps, we take some time to review everything and decide on your fitness path. 

For more information, please contact our Director of Fitness - Brian Cioci - [email protected]