The Thoreau Club has partnered with Mike Boyle, one of the foremost

experts in Strength and Conditioning to bring our members a safe, fun,

and effective fitness program.


Everything starts with a purpose. We understand there is no "perfect" program

or system, but with the correct principles, we have learned how to build what many have regarded as the best functional training program in the industry.


You can participate either 1 time, 2 times or 3 times per week.

(Effective September 5th) 


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 Reserve your spot contact - Email Brian - [email protected]




Who is Mike Boyle 




Train with Purpose

Look, Move,

And Feel Better.


Thrive blends tailored programming of personal

training with the community of group fitness



You will start each workout with movement prep and warm-up. Prime will prepare you for the training and extend to help you move and feel better in life.

What To Expect:

  • Foam Rolling
  • Stretching
  • Breathing
  • Mobility Drills
  • Dynamic Warmup



Strength is so much more than simply mindless repetitions. Strength is a skill, with your goal to get stronger while focusing on the utmost quality of your movement. In the Thrive program, quality ALWAYS comes over quantity.


What To Expect: 

  • Upper Body Pulling
  • Upper Body Pushing
  • Hip Hinging
  • Squatting
  • Strengthening the Core



We finish each workout with a conditioning component we call Burn.

What To Expect: 

  • Responsible Heart Rate Training 
  • AirBike 

For More Information   For Questions Email Brian Cioci