Carolyn Kiely

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of  Carolyn Kiely

Email: [email protected]

I am a life-long swimmer who loves sharing my love of water with Thoreau members in all I do – whether it be during my water aerobics classes, or while lifeguarding or teaching kids to be future lifeguards. I also help with the swim instruction program at Camp Thoreau, ensuring a future generation of terrific swimmers.

My “epiphany” came when I was diagnosed with breast cancer while my children were in grades 5 and 7. As a long-time environmental lawyer and Washington, DC lobbyist, my diagnosis made me rethink my life. What did I love? What did I want to share with others? It was a commitment to advocating that people do what they love, and living a healthy lifestyle while doing it. While I still practice law, it is a side aspect to my commitment to spreading joy to others, and modeling healthy living through doing what you love – especially if it involves water. My former role as a Division 1 college swimmer for Boston College provides credibility to my swimming/water advocacy role at Thoreau.

The best compliment I received was when I asked one of my water aerobics participants if she was going to Florida this winter. Her reply was, “I would miss the Thoreau Club and its people too much, so I’m not going away this winter.” If that’s my impact on Thoreau, then I have done my job!