Kelly Western

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of  Kelly Western

I started practicing yoga in my 20s, and got hooked on the way it balanced my running and strength training. I have to say that I was the most inflexible person in the class, and so to this day, I like to call my classes- Yoga for Stiff People- because yoga is for everyone!

Yet, I want you to understand that yoga is more than just an exercise to increase flexibility. Yoga can, and will, help alleviate stress from both your body and your mind if you practice it with attention to the breath and with a sense of mindfulness.

I am trained in Hatha style yoga (from Shoshoni Yoga Ashram outside of Boulder, CO) and have my YA teacher's certification. I've also taught a variety of yoga classes (over 5,000 classes) from slow and restorative to hot and sweaty flow yoga, in the last 16 years. Any and every one of my yoga classes is targeted for the people who show up to class. Come regularly to my class, and we will build a yoga program for you!

You will notice my classes are light hearted and fun, as I never take myself (or yoga) too seriously. I emphasize alignment and like to throw in some "extra credit" challenges (which can always be modified or completely ignored).

Not everyone is flexible, but EVERYONE can, and should, practice yoga. There is no such thing as a yoga body or a yoga type. And as a yoga teacher, my greatest interest is to get to know each of my students, in order to help them feel better in their bodies, both physically and emotionally—facilitated by their yoga practice.