Marisa Tirella

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of  Marisa Tirella

Email: [email protected]

I started taking Zumba classes in 2014 and loved every minute of it. Being able to let loose and dance for an hour became my stress relief. I knew I wanted to follow my passion with Zumba and got licensed to teach in 2020.

I have a way of making my students feel comfortable and not pressured if they don't get all the right steps; I just want them to keep moving and have fun. Knowing that my students are smiling and having a good time always puts a smile on my face.

Did you know you can burn between 500-900 calories during a high-intensity Zumba class? Attending my Zumba class will make you feel like you are at a dance party while getting a good workout in. I create an environment that is a judgment-free zone, and I make a connection with all my students to make everyone feel welcome. You will love my upbeat personality and positive energy. Give my class a try and you will have a blast!

Zumba is my happy place and hopefully yours too!