Ryan Stoddard

Group Fitness Instructor

photo of  Ryan Stoddard

Iím a Physical Therapist at Emerson Hospital Rehab and Sports Therapy and also work here at our Thoreau satellite office upstairs. I am a specialist in orthopedics and like to treat sports medicine clients as well. I have also been certified through the NSCA (national strength and conditioning association) since 2000 as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CSCS.

I think happiness is a decision and a commitment like everything else in life, and your work has to be fun and enjoyable. I like the challenge of competition and do something new each year from Ultra Ragnar to Half-Marathon, Triathlon, Spartan, Tough Mudder, and more. I love being active and in the great outdoors having fun with my wife, daughter, and dogs. I feel good about helping people feel better on both a rehab and fitness level. It is rewarding to me to see people make progress and make their own lives better.

My favorite quote: "Try not. Do, or do not...there is no try" It just means to go out and do exactly what you put your mind to doing, don't just try to do it, go make it happen. Lastly, I love to learn, and I choose to surround myself with all of you who teach me something great every day. Five things to live by: Be positive. Set real goals. Never give up. Eat well. Have fun.