Sue Barron

Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

photo of  Sue Barron

I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry as a Madd Dogg Certified Spinning instructor. Additionally, I am certified as an SCW personal trainer. I hold other certifications that include Les Mills programming, group fitness, yoga and sports nutrition, and of course, CPR! . As a soccer player in college, I like to keep moving even when I'm not in the gym. I also enjoy golf, tennis, skiing, hiking - pretty much anything - and especially love doing all activities with my husband and two kids that are way more mature than I am. I really want to learn how to surf! In my former life, I was a TV Sports Producer, had a short stint as a radio DJ, and worked at a bar - all excellent training for my current position!

At Thoreau, you can find me in the Cycle studio… or a Bodypump class in Studio 1. Come try a class, get your sweat on, and have a few laughs while you're at it! My goal is to make fitness fun!