Pilates Reformer Schedule

 Begins (12/5/23)


*Max 6 participants 

*For a class to occur, at least two people must register before 9:00 PM on the preceding evening

The Thoreau Club has six Merrithew-Stott Pilates Reformer performance machines.

All classes at the Thoreau Club are "all-levels" and run 50 minutes. Each class has a flow of traditional and contemporary Pilates exercises you will experience on the Reformer. Each class has a specific sequence of movements integrated with variations and modifications tailored to your particular needs in an all-level environment.

We use the short and long box, magic circles, Pilates balls, weights, and many other great tools.

Pilates Reformer works the entire body. It's an amazing system that strengthens, lengthens, and aids in prevention and rehabilitation. It is not only for the core but beautifully engages the anterior and posterior planes of the body. Your body will develop great form and precision.

After completing only eight sessions, you'll encounter the "plank" exercise in an entirely novel manner!