Tennis University

Exciting and dynamic instructional clinics are offered each week as part of Tennis University. Perfect for players who like flexibility in their schedules as you can sign up 48 to 6 hours before a clinic and pay as you attend. All clinics are led by our expert pro staff.

  • Reservations can be made:
    Monday-Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm
    Saturday/Sunday: 8:00am-1:00pm

  • All clinics are $30.00

  • Included in Flextime® membership

Clinic Reservations
*All registrations for Tennis University Clinics are final.*

Call: 978.831.1200

Tennis University Schedule


Tennis University Descriptions 

This is a play-based clinic. Players will be doing live ball drills, hitting with depth and spin; down
the line and cross-court. Serve and return with playing out points, both singles and doubles.

Perfect your technique, depth, touch, and power on your groundstrokes and volleys during our ball
feeding sessions. With the repetitions of our ball feeding clinics, you can become the baseline
and net player you've always envisioned. Many of our players see results such as fewer errors,
heavier and more powerful shots, and cleaner strikes.

For most players, groundstrokes are the pillars of their game. A strong tennis player must be able
to deal with a variety of different shots. Learn the correct preparation, movement, and recovery
for baseline shots while applying your skills in baseline drills and situational point play.


Take your game to the next level at the net! Learn how to approach the net, put
away volleys and take the ball out of the air.

The most important shot in the game of tennis is the serve. If your serve is a strength you will find
winning games and matches in singles or doubles becomes a much easier task. The only player
more lethal than one with a great serve, is a player with a great serve and return. Starting each
point on a strong note is a game-change

*No regular clinics will be offered on these days:
December break -- December 23rd –  January 3rd   
Winter recess -- February 20th --  February 26th
Spring recess  --  April 18th –  April 23rd
Easter  --  April 17th
Memorial Day --  May 30th


We will have clinics on the following days:
Columbus Day -- October 11th

Halloween -- October 31st 
Veterans Day -- November 11th   
Martin Luther King Jr. Day –  January 17th
Good Friday -- April 15th