Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer is a fun and enjoyable workout that yields great results through a choreographed routine of exercises that stabilize and engage your "powerhouse" (core– abdomen, lower back and glutes) and strengthen, stretch and lengthen your body.

The workout improves strength, flexibility and posture while streamlining body shape. Specific exercises emphasize deep abdominal muscles, breathing and body-mind awareness resulting in a flatter core and more sculpted body.

Enjoy private 1-on-1 classes or grab a friend and try a small group class.

Meet Your Instructor Amy Barber

imgAmy, an experienced instructor in yoga, barre, and both Pilates mat and Reformer practices, is returning to the Reformer studio at Thoreau. Her presence promises a fusion of traditional Reformer techniques with a contemporary twist. In her sessions, Amy will expertly blend the classical reformer style with dynamic athletic components, incorporating a variety of props to elevate the experience.

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